so pics from last weekend photo posts dont work for me so heres an obnoxious text post


ok look at how adorably creepy these lil cuties can be. that face just screams ‘i’m going to give you candy hun.’image 

something was happening i dont remember what. and i wanted to get a picture of cathrines adorable little look of horror then she says ‘ima just walk away from the situattion’ but jokes on her i got that other lil cutie rose in thereimage

look at how adorbs she is! she’s so sweet, i swear to god everyone at portlandstuck is so perf. like in kindness and costume.image

this kankri just made me smile from a mile away. look at how adorbs he is. that is just straight up eating my soul. damn cuteness why’re you so deadly.
his name is shane: image

look at paxton. he was just a total badass this weekend. mr.ima tavris this week. paxton just plays a perf tav. i’ve never seen a cosplayer who didn’t do like a perf tav.


here’s cathrine. she’s bein all adorbs with her bunny. she’s such a sweetieimage

look at how beautiful this vriska is. i saw her from across the food court and just knew i had to get a picture of this lil beauty. she tryed to tell me she looked fat in that dress after i showed her this picture. i proceeded to say ‘you’re crazy.. you’re crazy’ while walking away but i think she obviously just needs a new pair of glasses i mean look at how pretty that girl is.image

here we got lil mis ship. she got all sad cause one of her fins broke off of her eridan horns but she’s adorbs even without them! and look at how perf her horns are. so smooth but blended so well. just beautiful (

look at these girls! they are just some of the nicest things. and look how adorbs they are. so cute pretty and nice. like everyone at portlandstuck (and these girls weren’t even  cosplaying. they probably know they don’t have to cosplay cause they’re already beautiful like everyone else that comes down to pstuck)image 

here we are playing apples to apples. what silly people we are. cocaine isn’t bright sillys. here’s cathrine again and the nicest lil dave. they’re both so sweet. image

i told her to do this cause we were making fun of erisol sprite (the silly willy)image

look at all these beautiful people they’re just so adorbs and nice. such a fun group. i love them all. i love everyone. anyone who cosplays. or is nice. or gives me food. (i love you portlandstuck… so much.)image

here’s the last one. these are some of the cutest lil cuties (like half of the group is total badass’s and the other half is total cuties! i just 

you guys are all so amazing. im so glad i started coming to pstuck.

( i wanted to get a picture of dat meenah you know who you are and a couple others but i got distracted alot :I )

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